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Thank you for your interest in MAYDE products.


To best serve our customers, we evaluate each application based on the following criteria:

1. Geographic Territory and Competitive Radius: We evaluate the location of the proposed retail store of the prospective retailer to see if it is located within a geographic area in which MAYDE seeks retail expansion.

2. Current or prior relationship with MAYDE or its affiliate companies. We evaluate to see if the prospective retailer has an established account with MAYDE in another geographic territory or has an established account with MAYDE’s affiliate companies.

3. Financial Stability:
Consistent with federal and state law, we review credit and financial reports to determine if a prospective retailer has a strong credit rating and is financially stable.

4. Minimum purchase order amount. Based on the prospective retailer’s store size and revenue,MAYDE will determine a minimum purchase order amount.

5. Additional requirements: We also review a prospective retailer’s background in retail experience of beauty products, years in business, store size, number of employees, business license, and revenue.

MAYDE evaluates applications from prospective retailers based on the above qualifications, along with other criteria on a case-by-case basis; therefore, if you are interested in becoming MAYDE retailer, please review them carefully before completing the inquiry form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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